installing ibm domino in RHEL

Googleando encontre en http://blog.rhatters.org/2008/07/06/domino-8-on-rhel-52/  como poner el servidor Notes Domino de IBM en RHEL, justo tengo que ponerlo en los proximos dias asi que declaro hize un copy & paste:

Running the Domino server installer on Red Hat platforms:
To successfully install a Domino 8 server using graphical mode on supported Red Hat platforms, I performed the following steps: (Note these steps were performed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2 x86_64)

1. Install the seamonkey fedora rpm from http://releases.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/seamonkey/releases/1.1.11/contrib/FC_RPMS/seamonkey-1.1.11-1.i386.rpm  or simply download the source rpm from http://releases.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/seamonkey/releases/1.1.11/contrib/FC_RPMS/source/seamonkey-1.1.11-1.src.rpm and build it yourself

2. Install the following dependency packages.
#yum install libXp libXmu

3. After the initial install run the following as root
#/usr/bin/xhost local:notes
#su notes
#cd /local/notesdata <– if this is the data path you selected during installation

to complete the install.

I had a couple of issues setting up the Domino 8 server on Linux.
– when installing the server, do not select to create the symbolic link – softlink if you are installing into the default locations.
- I also had the usual problem where x-windows could not display the setup program. The error was “Please edit your shell’s DISPLAY environment variable to reflect an unlocked terminal that you would like to launch the Domino Setup Program”
The fix was to su to root and run the command /usr/X11R6/bin/xhost this sets security to let the machine export the display on it’s own screen then as the “notes” user run…
export DISPLAY

Once this is done cd to the /local/notesdata directory and run /opt/ibm/lotus/bin/server to start the setup program.

Al parecer aqui un repo para cliente notes en Linux, pero creo que es accesible dentro de la intranet de IBM :

https://w3.tap.ibm.com/w3ki03/display/linuxportalOCDC%20Manual%20Installation#OCDCManualInstallation-OCDCManualInstallationRemoteAccess .

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